WEEKLY GAME SHOWS for the Hospitality Industry


We all love music

Now that music has been combined with bingo, it's a whole new world.

Come experience our new Funky Bingo and you will hear a huge variety of songs from the 1950's to today.  You will experience interesting theme rounds. And when one person yells FUNKY BINGO! the fun doesn't stop until we get at least 4 more!

No bottle openers or key chains as prizes, no $5 gift cards, every bingo gets your name added to the list of daily winners, one of you will be randomly chosen to win the nightly gift certificate prize (vary by location) while another nightly winner will get their name added 2 to 6 times to the Tournament list to potentially win a MAJOR PRIZE! 

(Major prizes also  vary by location, but examples include 

a 50" class 4k HD Smart TV, a Samsung Tab A, etc.)


It ain't quite bingo if you ain't dabbin' ink!

Is it real bowling if the ball and pins are plastic?

Is it real football with a foam ball?

Is it Marco Polo if you're standing in a puddle?

Is it Let's Do Trivia! if there's no beer?


And we feel it's not REAL BINGO if you're playing with dry erase markers.

Whether you are playing our Speed Bingo or our Funky Bingo, 

you will be playing with authentic Dabbin' Fever brand dabbers!



And not just this woman, but everyone who comes out to play!

Sure, she snagged the $25 prize at Grotto Pizza Concord Pike that night, but everyone who was at our first game, came back for more the next week!

That's because whether you win or do not won, Let's Do Entertainment 

designs every game show around the idea of you having fun!

Give our games a try and you will see that we bring friends and communities together, away from our TV's, politics, religion, creed, country of birth, or lifestyle choices 

to be the American melting pot one night each week.


 Why?  Simple - you get rewarded for doing so! Each week there will be a phrase that pays in the "Blurb" for every venue's Funky Bingo game show.  All secret phrases must be in before game-start-time, so arrive early!